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Choose from two types of commercial funding

Nucleus currently has two types of commercial funding to choose from. These include:

  • Business loans – commercial loans to £3,000 and up to £50 million secured
  • Asset based lending – funding based on card taking with no fixed terms or monthly payments.

Nucleus loans provide two types of commercial funding across seven products. Each product is tailored to your business, whether you need to expand, purchase additional stock or temporarily increase your cashflow. For more information, visit Nucleus’ official website.

Key features of a Nucleus business loan

Nucleus commercial finance provides business loans to SMEs in the form of commercial funding or asset-based lending. A Nucleus business loan provides SME’s with

  • Flexible payment plans between three months and eight years
  • Secured and unsecured business loans across seven products, up to £50 million*
  • Fixed monthly repayments, with the option to take a repayment holiday
  • Fast application, with decisions made within 24 hours
  • A setup fee per application. The amount charged depends on the amount taken
  • No early repayment fees
Unsecured Term
£25,000 - £100,000
6mths - 5yrs
Unsecured Term
£10,000 - £250,000
6mths - 5yrs
Working Capital Loan
£10,000 - £500,000
1mths - 2yrs
Unsecured Term
£5,000 - £250,000
6mths - 5yrs
Invoice Finance
£10,000 - £10m
Property Loan
£250,000 - £10m
5yrs - 30yrs
Working Capital Loan
£5,000 - £250,000
1mth - 1yr
Merchant Cash Advance
£3,500 - £500,000
Property Loan
£250,000 - £10m
5yrs - 30yrs
Merchant Cash Advance
£3,500 - £500,000
Unsecured Term
£10,000 - £500,000
6mths - 5yrs
Asset Finance
£5,000 - £10m
6mths - 7yrs
Term Loan
£5,000 - £25,000
6mths - 5yrs

About Nucleus

Launched in 2006, Nucleus is an award-winning online commercial finance platform. They currently provide Flexible funding Solutions, including business loans, property finance, cash advance and asset-based lending from £10k to £50m.

About Nucleus Business Loans

Nucleus offer two types of commercial funding, business loans and asset-based lending. Each category has a variety of products to assist businesses with their individual needs.

For business loans, Nucleus provides the following commercial finance options:

  • Cashflow Finance – this is an unsecured business loan up to £200,000
  • Property Finance – this is a secured business loan from £25,000 up to £20 million
  • Business Cash Advance – this provides businesses with a cash advance based on their monthly card takings. Loans can range from £3,000 to £150,000+

For asset-based lending, Nucleus also provides four commercial finance options, including:

  • Invoice finance – Access funds tied up in outstanding invoices rather than waiting for them to be paid by customers
  • Asset based lending – funding lent against your business assets, including stock, property, plant and machinery
  • Construction finance – this is specifically tailored to businesses within the contracting and sub-contracting industry, where companies can borrow up to £50 million.
  • Education finance – this funding is tailored to education providers for growth, working capital and apprenticeships.

Nucleus Contact Info

To contact Nucleus Commercial finance, visit their website to talk to submit an enquiry at https://www.merchantmoney.co.uk/contact-us. You can also email them at contact@merchant money.co.uk or call them on 0800 848 8480. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm.

Promotions & Offers

As of January 2020, Nucleus do not have any promotions or offers with their commercial finance products.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to apply for a Nucleus business loan, you’ll need to provide some information about you and your business. This will include

  • Proposal form (we are happy to use custom introducer forms if required)
  • DPA/Consent to Search Form
  • Most recent 1 month’s business bank statements
  • 12 month’s card statements (4 months if minimum trading time)

Once you have sent this over, Nucleus will make you an offer and provide you with access to your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of commercial funding does Nucleus offer?

Nucleus offer different finance solutions, tailored to the specific needs of your business. They currently provide commercial finance across 7 products, including cash flow finance up to £200,000, property finance up to £20 million and business cash advance up to £150,000. Nucleus also provides Invoice finance, asset-based lending, construction finance and education finance.

How long does a Nucleus business loan take?

This depends on the product you are applying for. Nucleus understands the urgency many businesses feel to receive funding. That’s why they are able to deliver same day funding for many of their commercial finance products.

Does Nucleus offer business loans to all industries?

Nucleus are able to fund businesses registered in England or Scotland, such as limited companies and LLPs, sole traders and non-limited partnerships. Unfortunately, Nucleus does not offer loans to start-ups.

Where are Nucleus business loans available?

Nucleus is only available in England and Scotland. They are unable to provide funding to businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Can I check my eligibility before I apply?

Before you take out a Nucleus business loan, they can let you know upfront whether you are likely to be approved for commercial funding you want with no impact on your credit rating. If you would like more information on your eligibility to apply, visit https://nucleuscommercialfinance.com/

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